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Watch out for Poisonous Plants - What Should I Look For?

York Region has a diverse collection of wildlife and vegetation. Some are great to admire up close, while it is the best to avoid some others. Before you leave for a family outing, make sure to look below for quick identification pointers of common plants in Ontario to avoid.

1. Poison Ivy:

- 3 pointed leaves per stem

- Colours vary from red, green, yellow and orange throughout the seasons

2. Giant Hogweed:

- An umbrella of white flowers on top of stems varying from 7-14 feet

- Clusters of 30-150 small flowers with large leaves

3. Spotted Water Hemlock:

- Reddish-purple stems with umbellets of 12-15 small clustered whitish-green flowers

- Coarsely toothed leaves, spanning below the flower

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