Empowering immigrant women:

Skills and Strength for today
 Hopes and Dreams for tomorrow

Through unique programs and services, the CICS Immigrant Women Resource Centre empowers immigrant women to become: 

• Financially Independent

• Relationally Competent 

• Self-Confident

Immigrant Women Resource Centre
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Immigrant Women Resource Centre
Immigrant Women Resource Centre
Immigrant Women Resource Centre
Immigrant Women Resource Centre
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Immigrant Women Resource Centre


According to a recent study on newcomers in York Region, women face the biggest gaps in accessing  programs and services. In addition to all the usual migration stress, newcomer women often face a greater challenge in finding employment. They often have to bear the load of caring for their children, while trying to find work to contribute financially to the family. Many of them feel isolated, and in some cases issues of domestic abuse compound their struggles.

Centre for Immigrant and Community Services (CICS) is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity that has been providing core settlement and integration services in Toronto for 49 years. Our mission is to empower newcomers in settling and integrating as contributing members of Canadian society through diverse, professional and innovative services. CICS' Vision is to have fully integrated newcomers who participate in and contribute to all spheres of Canadian Society.

CICS' newest location -  the Immigrant Women Resource Centre (IWRC)  provides resources, education and services that are specialized to meet the needs of newcomer women. ESL classes that focus on women issues, friendly support groups, informative workshops introducing services in the community, one on one settlement counselling sessions are just some of the services that are available. We are a place where newcomer women can meet new friends, while learning about all that are available in the community to help them and their family settle in Canada.

Please call us at 905-415-9763 / 905-479-7926 to book an appointment, or come by and visit us to find out how we can serve you!


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Immigrant Women Resource Centre